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// New Startups: Print your Instagram Photos and get Paid to Share Ads//

Almost everyday a new and interesting startup makes it debut.  Many of them are useful, but it is so hard to track them down being that there are so many startups.  This morning I came across two new startups that were worth putting in your radar.  Take a look at them and judge for yourself whether or not they fit into your social networking world.


I always have a strong desire to print and frame my Instagram pictures.  Looking across Instagram, I see a lot of photos that have the potential to be printed, framed, and mounted on a wall somewhere.  Then I come across Snapstagram a startup that offers printing four-inch-by-four inch frames of your photos and mailing them to the place of your choice.

The startup is not the first to offer printing services for Instagram. However, the difference is the mailing experience and the anticipation that comes with receiving mail.  The startup is near its fundraising campaign of $3,000, so it will soon be available.  In that case you should start thinking about which pictures you would want to print and who to mail them to.


Honestly, I was a little frustrated over the idea of companies capitalizing off of my Facebook page, or any social networking page of mine.  Maybe my frustration stemmed off of the fact that I wanted a piece of the pie as well.  Well, needless to say Wingsplayoffers users a chance to get paid to share ads.

Users would share four video advertisements a week and get paid by cost per view.  The motive goes beyond money and offers users the option to start conversation through funny as well as interesting advertisements.   The idea fits well with the original purpose of social networks, which is sharing.  A win-win situation that allows users to get paid to share humorous advertisements.

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// An Introduction Would be Nice…//

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It’s a working portfolio, so take your time and digitally share my experience and journey. Expect fresh post and updates.  Connect with me before you leave and visit again soon.

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